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Is an Artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After graduating I started teaching Art in various institutions to fund my artwork. I have always created my own work since graduation on the side and sold occasionally.  In a recent exhibition it resulted in me selling a substantial amount of work more! Because I sold more than I had ever before, this made me realise that there is a potential market and interest in the themes that I use. 


My intention is to arouse interest surrounding the experience from a black woman's perspective. I seek to encourage this through thought and feelings from the observer. I believe that there are several types of identities such as racial and cultural identity which forces the observer to find out who is the true person behind the painting. The art work I make is therefore my interpretation of these identities and through my work I aim to challenge the viewers by providing the basis for wider interpretation and to help develop a dialogue on this subject. Breaking through the veils my work varies from political comment to ironic self parody. Ultimately, reflecting on my experiences on what it means to be of black African descendant anywhere in the world.


Having lived in both the U.K and the Netherlands I realise that similar events and occurrences concerning ones cultural experiences are parallel to another persons in the world or even in the same country.  


My works of art engage with diversity, personal feelings and experiences. My themes coincide with overlapping subjects that deal with issues relating to belonging, identity, relationships, aspirations, dreams or invisibility. I wish to convey the feeling that an alchemical change may take place at any moment.


My abstract figurative paintings are made out of thick layers and are bold, decorative, consist of bright colours, explosive and energetic. Drawings are figurative fine lines made from, Indian ink, pencil or charcoal.

My work is never the same and it depends on the subject at matter and the feeling that emerges while working on that individual piece. 

My inspiration is taken from sketches and vocal experiences or working directly on the canvas. 


I am working towards recording the black experiences in Europe though my art, from a woman's perspective through reflection of my experiences living in the multicultural city of Amsterdam, born in England to Caribbean parents.

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